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The Nation’s demand & Global need

– ATLANTIC UNBUNDLING – confrontation or intervention? Dear John / Mr. Hofmeister, I think you’re doing a great job in opening up people’s clean energy awareness by opposing the pollution politics to prepare them for the big mind-shift: the American scream echoes in Europe! The big global question seems to be wether the costs of […]

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HALLIBURTON’s master of stealth and global P3 arrogance, crime é treason, ex-VP Dick Cheney, held friendly nations like the Netherlands cheap: “The probleml is that the good Lord didn’t see fit to put oil and gas reserves where there are democratic elected regimes friendly to the interests of the United States”, he said, knowing the planet’s second largest natural gas reserves at the time were discovered in the Netherlands in 1959. Global parliamentary deficit due to U.S.-imposed longterm oil and gas lock-in contracts provoking incorporated governance and a constituency of special interests with legal executive privileges, forged the intramural rationale – a Trojan Horse – for western democratic wrongdoing and intellectual poverty. The globalization trend was effectively captured by abusive institutionalized strategic conduct while seizing life and privatizing democracy. Oil and greed, Iraq and Enron… it’s all America and Exxon. We reject the 1963 European ‘coal and steel’ submission Gasgate and accuse the team of rivals, termed Gasunie, Exxon-Shell-Regering.nl of global insider-trading, industrial abusive dominance and unfair technology advantage distorting the world’s markets, truth and confidence. Lies in committee won’t prosper. Explore this firsthand tell-tale disclosure to understand how cheap-oil energy extremism substantially shaped your life by cherry-picking information and stove-piping communication: the purest ICTerror. Cheney is a private actor, he was no public servant. Jurisdictions fail because corporate abuse prevails and U.S. drag prevents responsible development and sustainable progress.